About Us

Initiated in 1989 as a Public Charitable Trust, Saath has now been active for several decades working with socially marginalised and vulnerable communities across the regions of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat. Focusing on instituting measures for capacity-building in the areas of livelihood, health, education, skill-development, financial inclusion, and urban governance among others; the NGO has been a pioneer in rejuvenating underprivileged slums and neighbourhoods into well-organised, self-sustaining communities.

Housed in the Gool Lodge, in Ahmedabad’s old city, the Conflictorium:Museum of Conflict, is a participatory museum that addresses the theme of conflict. It is a space that strives to engage every section of society with a variety of conflict-based issues, by celebrating plurality and encouraging conflict expression and avoidance in artistic and creative ways.

The keep talking network is taken forward through the museum, where physical spaces can be dedicated to conserving and facilitating dialogues on peace and conflict. We offer a resource pool of people, knowledge, design and experience in setting up such spaces in different parts of the world.